Changing Paradigms

Ushering a new era of learning informed by ancient practice.

Originateve is motivated to design systems of education and living to promote the well being of cultures, communities in relation to nature on a global scale. Practices of hyper-individualism, consumerism and materialistic obsession have eroded citizen morals, ecological and social responsibility. Education modeled on industrial-age values is obsolete and dangerous for the future of the Earth. Moreover academic denial of the importance of non-empirical faculties of reasoning, (such as emotion, intuition, super-sensory and spiritual domains), have created a deficit of knowledge regarding these aspects crucial to human development. This deficit contributes to the psychological/ intellectual disconnect between human societies and the biosphere. Originateve researches these marginalized domains, in order to collect and share data that will be useful for the development of both new skills and those that lay dormant from lack of stimulation. Originateve stresses a revitalization of relevant ancient knowledge to advise our current culture on practices of sustainability and perspectives on how to address the needs and well being of a global community.

Highlights of Originateve Focuses in Education include:

• Holistic, Cyclical, and Authentic Education.

• Promotion of Mentor : Learner Relationships rather that traditional
Teacher : Student.

• Faculties of Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Innovation in Learners.

• Workshops and community in-services demonstrating apprentice/master
learning relationships.

• Education modeled on Permaculture Design.

• Using the matrix of story to improve cognitive and creative performance
and memory enhancement.

• Using mystery and improvisation to build critical thinking and self

• Incorporation of indigenous values and story to reconnect with place and

• Incorporation of the super-sensible domain as valid faculties of
intelligence supporting a trinity of Cognitive Emotional/ and Spiritual
intelligences (as realms that the sensory intelligences interact in.)

• Partnerships with regional and International organizations to support
Originateve goals and the health of the biosphere and peaceful
spiritual advancement.