Living Classrooms

The Classroom as its own Instructor

The nature of a Living Classroom puts educational enrichment directly in the hands of students. Philosophies surrounding the concept of a Living Classroom push institutions and teachers to re-integrate those pieces of laboratory, horticulture, art/music studio, kitchen, and home into a typical classroom environment so that activities might be lived daily (in depth) rather than waiting for the occasional lesson design to superficially splash students with a few novel concepts. Routine encounters with the learning opportunities creates the seeding ground for visceral development to take place. Living Classrooms are all about longitudinal growth and pursuit of depth of learning as evinced in greater degree of sophistication with reflection and inquiry. Students nurtured in Living Classrooms see the world at large as a learning moment about to happen; learning is not fabricated it is embraced.

Secrets of the Weald

Interactive mixed curricula Fairy Garden: Students hunt fairies while learning taxonomy of plants, construction with natural materials and wildcrafting.