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Programs For Children

Early Childhood Holistic Science

Science is truly the study of all things. Working with children demands developmentally appropriate activities (lots of movement) while stimulating the innate curiosity all children are born with. Originateve mentors help both children and staff members scaffold risk taking to foster creative problem solving, intrinsic motivation, self confidence and social/ ecological stewardship. Content is cross-disciplinary, integrating the suite of Newtonian sciences with mathematics, art, literacy, folklore, music and more.

Children's Holistic Literacy, Lore, and Critical & Artistic Development 

We believe a great education begins with Story, Myth, Legend, Fable and Saga surge through our lives with every inhalation. How can we contribute to the needs of the future without remembering the wisdom collected from two-hundred thousand years of walkabout? Through affirming old tales and weaving their matrices, a spontaneous plethora of madrigals are ignited into being, half remembered, half newly conceived as the individual breathes them into new life. From story, relevance is gained so that information has a home with a warm fire and a feast to welcome it into our memory instead of the modern disconnected bits and bytes that can never bite even a bit being numb data tasting only of static.


An ecosystem without roots and organic matter erodes quickly and dries fast, going dormant. Learning is as important as water, we need it to survive, to stay mindful. Originateve aims to grow a forest of allusions to the rich literature we come from so the liquid learning has humus to absorb it and roots to draw forth new branches. This is accomplished through a patchwork of storytelling that each wrap their tendrils around different highlights to accentuate various specific skills from a spectrum of disciplines.

For example, we might use a Brothers Grimm story such as “The Queen's Bee.” This story touches on compassion, stewardship of the natural world, the science of ants, ducks and bees. Bees are a clear choice to focus on (having a bee hive to enrich the instruction) various learning veins from here we can break into the Fibonacci number sequence, candle or lip balm projects with the bees wax, dance and body language for complex communication, and more.

Holistic and Regenerative Instruction

Holism is the intention behind speaking to and developing ones consciousness, community and ecology.  Holism acknowledges the balance that comes from identifying areas of avoidance and investing in shortcomings through measured invitation to growth.  Holism cannot possibly look the same to everyone due to its honoring of the whole being as an individual.  The individual is honored by the community and realizes that collective strength comes from a dynamic whole of diverse perspectives, strengths , skills and wisdom.  Holism begins with connections.  Mentors must usher and await transformation utilizing three or more cognitive pathways simultaneously with emotional and spiritual development.

Regenerative Instruction employs an awareness and drive toward and beyond sustainability.  Regenerative lifestyle shifts are modeled by the instructor, faculty, staff and administration of the institution with the intention to radiate into the broader emerging community.  Individual, group and community processes are seen as ecological in nature and intention toward replenishing and improving the learning and community environments, physically and relationally, are constant goals.

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