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Costa Rica

Yëslai Sede: Amerikanoestudios

Costa Rica Interns

Amerikanoestudions began as a small schoolhouse style enrichment academy delivered in English to a Spanish speaking community Esparza Costa Rica. Within its first year, 2011, Amerikanoestudios had organically grown into a cultural recovery based enrichment program that encouraged English language development while fostering a deep local identity informed by the ancestral narrative of the area.

Current Director: Mariel Yglesias


Mariel began her tenure as director of Amerikanoestudios in January 2014. Since that time she has created a successful alternative to the local high school curriculum. Disenfranchised youth of various ages attend state classwork from an inter-curricular and international framework. She has also grown Amerikanoestudios' relationship with the local government services agencies to partner with youth, child and adult services. Mariel is from San Jose Costa Rica and studied at the University of Costa Rica. We are pleased and fortunate to have her steward Originateve programing in Costa Rica


Fluent- Spanish, English


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