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Costa Rica

Yëslai Sede

Amerikanoestudios Interns

2013 Interns

Yeimi Obando Flores

2012/ 2013 Intern

Yeimi has studied English Literacy, Lore, and Critical Discourse with Amerikanoestudios since 2012 and has achieved advanced proficiency in English while also developing broad skills and knowledge. She is completing an additional degree from UNED DE Costa Rica while transitioning to an internship in Holistic Education. Yeimi brings compassion, honesty and discipline to the community. We are deeply delighted by her continuous positive participation.


Fluent- Spanish

Working Proficiency- English


Rodolfo Silva

2013 Intern

Rodolfo "Rualdo" is a Costa Rican native hailing from the echoes of green holding up the grandeur of Poas like a million porters carrying a palanquin in which resides the vulcanish god sweating beads of iron under the tropical shade. Rodolfo has a BA in Engineering and teaches high-school math by empowering students. He brings peace, generosity, and curiosity to the Studio.


Fluent- Spanish, English

Paula Quintana Sobrino

Intern since 2013

Born in Madrid last millennium, Paula likes to consider herself a traveler and permanent learner. She studied mainly in the plain of Spain to become an ESL Primary teacher, though she also had the pleasure of experiencing education in Ohio (USA) and Leeds (UK). After several years working in the field, as well as some enriching insight in Waldorf Education and Laboratorio Experimental Theatre School, she continues her journey at Amerikanoestudios to learn more about learning. She believes in the power of holistic learning and dreams of sharing this vision with the world.


Fluent: Spanish
Advanced Proficiency: English
Working Proficient: French
Pursuing: Chorotega, Euskera, German, Siwi

Fulin Low

2013 Intern

Fulin was born in Singapore, which is a tiny island in tropical Asia where modernization is at the core of this economic miracle. Yearning to meet her heart's longing, she left Singapore after graduating from university to work in Japan as an English teacher for three years. During the three years, she was exposed to a rainbow of interests ranging from education systems, foreign cultures, healing powers of Nature in Japan, yoga and so much more. Enchanted by the distinctly different culture shown by her Latin American friends, a seed was planted in her mind in her first year as an English teacher. She wanted to travel halfway around the world to where her friends are, and find out how they could be so friendly, open and passionate as compared to most shy, reserved Asians. Now, she lives in Esparza studying holistic education and using herself as an individual experiment while learning Spanish, as well as nurturing her multiple passions in this warm community.


Fluent: Mandarin Chinese, Japanese & English
Pursuing: Spanish, Ainu, Briber, She

2012 Interns

Jocksan Salazar

Performance Intern-

Jocksan graduated from the university of Costa Rica with a degree in Management of Sustainable Tourism. He developed cultural enrichment and recovery activities such as varietes where youth of the community demonstrate their self learned talents.

Jocksan has 4 years of experience in Cultural Management, doing similar activities where art and culture is developed around the country. His mother and father instilled in him at an early age a love for our Mother Earth and the importance to grow what you eat. 


Julia Labrum

Julia interned at Amerikanoestudios in October and November of 2012.

Julia was born and raised in New Jersey. She spent four years at La Salle University. She considers Spain a second home as many of her family resides there. She intends to make a difference in the world someday.


Jennifer Bonilla

Jennifer began at Amerikanoestudios as an apprentice in 2011. She quickly absorbed the holistic approach to education and in 2012 began her internship in Holistic Education. She is currently studying psychology at Universidad Latina.

2011 Interns

Ryan Tharp


Ryan has the honor of being Amerikanoestudios first mentor intern ever. He joined the Studio mission shortly after its inception and provided an abundance of energy, knowledge, love and spirit to the mission. He still lives in the Studio today with his contribution of the primary artistic shelving system for the Amerikano library.

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