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Hebeic Holistic Literacy, Lore and Critical & Artistic Discourse for Adolescents

Adolescence has always been regarded as an important transitional period in human development. In modern times however, standardized and industrial modeled education systems have reduced these crucial milestones from epics journeys to flat birthday celebrations. Even many religious initiations that still exist are but sterilized and abridged fragments of more rigorous, dangerous, and ornamented wardrobe of devotion.

Originateve seeks to rebuild powerful models of self-community-universe realizations at these important transformational stages that carry significant meaning and relevance in modern times, but connect us with ever living stories of ages long past. Indeed, we all came from those wild lands and there is much lore still in our blood today.

Our programs focus on the study of a variety of relevant mythologies, music and dance in preparing the foundation of comparison psychologies for personal experience. Rapunzel, Daughter of the Sun, Savitri and Satyavan, Persephone and more will be explored in holistic manners that will tap into a kaleidoscope of faculties at a rare and exhilarating depth. The program challenges the individuality of the student to be realized and ratified by a greater community, while developing eloquence, honor and leadership in critical thinking and aesthetics. This program will challenge the students who breeze through advanced studies in school as much as it is the students struggling to find success in a traditional environment, or even more so, those who have given up for the time being.



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