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Mahmuhkrayach Nest

2017/ 2018 Interns

Maria Hyväri:  Finland

AKA: Marjatta

Maria grew up splashing in the Gulf of Bothnia, the calm beauty of Finnish countryside contrasting with her and her numerous siblings' rampage and music playing in the family's two-story house. After six years of college studies in France and Finland, she hurriedly capped off her Master's Degree in the University of Helsinki, anxious to leave her frosty homeland for sunnier and fruitier France. Specialized as an English and French teacher on middle and high school level, she spent the following year teaching French to the not-quite-angelical students of a catholic middle school when she wasn't tending to her permaculture garden or playing handywoman in her and her former life partner's cottage-like house. Maria's long and meandering search for more meaningful education was rewarded one chilly Parisian day of October when Originateve website appeared on her laptop screen, illuminating it with a glow full of ancient mysteries. She is now pursuing her CMP, diving deep into the realm of myths, bards and forgotten crafts, all the while quickly growing to be a solid part of the village.


Fluent: English, French, Finnish

Intermediate: Spanish, Swedish

2016 Interns

Haeyoon Jung:  South Korea

Haeyoon comes from the rich, ancient peninsula of Hanguk just beneath the "Morning Calm." She is living in Denver with her husband and two boys for two years. Before coming to the United States she worked as a manager in the banking and finance sector of Korea. She is passionate about great coffee and hoping to complete a service learning project in Denver.

2014 Interns

Peter Best-Hall:  New York

Peter Best-Hall is a senior at Ithaca College School of Music Education. He grew up among the quiet country farms of New England. He is a specialist in low brass. Peter's focus of mentorship was spent with Augustana Early Learning Center in Denver. He is currently directing the Ithaca Homeschool band network while he finishes up his certificate of mentorship.

2013 Interns

Sergio Huerta:  Ecuador

Sergio visited Denver Colorado for three weeks in July, 2013 to work hands on with Colorado Aquaponics. His working internship gave him a chance to broaden his learning in his industry of industrial fish processing while branching into more regenerative cycles and studying English simultaneously. He has taken his learning back to his home in Costa Rica where he is working to build local practices that model closed system, permaculture practices.

We are extremely grateful to JD Sawer and the Staff of Colorado Aquaponics for generously hosting this incredible learning opportunity.

2012 Interns

Wonju Woo: Korea

WonJu Woo, a student from South Korea completed a  60 hour intensive internship focusing on the ethics, procedures and relationship models of this world renown third wave gourmet coffee roaster- all in her second language.  She returned to South Korea to finish her degree in English Literature by Spring of 2013 (and maybe start a coffee shop).  Congratulations, WonJu!

We send out a special explosion of gratitude for Herb Brodski and all the fine people at Novo Coffee in Denver, Colorado for hosting Originateve’s first Denver Intern. 

Helpful Links

Augustana Early Learning Center: Denver

Colorado Aquaponics

Novo Coffee

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