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Certified Mentors of Holistic Instruction


Pete-Best Hall

AKA: Chiron

Certified Mentor Since 2016

From the Finger Lakes region of New York, Pete was raised on cross-country skis and the euphonium. He earned his BA in music From Ithaca College in 2015. He began his Certified Mentorship Program with Originateve in 2014 and completed it in Jinan, China in 2016. Pete now lives in Ithaca where he is cultivating an American Black Walnut forest.


Fluent: English,

Working Proficient: Spanish, Chinese

John Pendlebury Brown: Australia

AKA: Bunjil

Certified Mentor Since 2016

John grew up in the country town of Mudgee NSW in Australia contemplating the circular path of the Boomerang when hurled around a Melaleuca. Upon completing a B.A. in Environmental Earth Science at UNSW, he spent five years in Sydney working as an environmental and indoor air quality consultant. The irony of these years sparks the pistons that have John pushing through his internship at full throttle. Love came to him dressed in a Cheongsam. Upon marrying Jinan-local, Bai-Yang- 白鹰- (Aspen) theyhave recently returned to Australia with a new face in the Originateve Village, John Jr. John aspires to re-member his lost true nature, that of the mighty Bunjil, allowing the divine to dance back into his realm. He brings an open honest attitude to the village and seeks the deep connections that are knotted up in the tangled relationships that stem from village life.


Fluent: English

Pursuing: Mandarin (Pǔtōnghuà), Ordos, Scottish Gaelic (as well as Irish, Welsh and Cornish into the future as you have suggested Nathair) and Dharug (An Australian Aboriginal language from the Sydney region in New South Wales, Australia)

Carl Emmons

Certified Mentor Since 2011

Carl (Carlitos) was raised in Chile and attended college in the United States where he pursued music composition, anthropology and religious studies. Carl played bass and helped to manage the Spiritual Punk band, Last Tuesday. Upon the breakup of the band Carl sought to reconnect with his birthplace and moved to Esparza, Costa Rica to teach English. Carl’s innovative approach to instruction lead him to co-found Amerikanoestudios, a studio school based on cultural and academic enrichment. The school has become a prototype for cultural and ecological recovery. Today Carl directs the initiatives at Amerikanoestudios while tending to roles of cultural leadership in the community.


See more at: Originateve China Blog


Fluent- English, Spanish

Pursuing: French, Mandarin, Nahuatl, Bribri, Mayan

Ron Green

Certified Mentor Since 2011

Ron grew up among the trails, Jurassic geology, and scrub-oak thickets of the Colorado front range. He studied art, poetics, education, coffee, and wine before moving to Costa Rica to pursue a multilingual, cultural and ecological education with his family. The tropical low-lands slow-cooked Ron into a guerrilla educator dedicated to revitalizing creativity, critical thinking, and beauty in systems of learning. Ron taught Holistic Education in the English Language to all grade levels as well as adult corporate programs. In 2010, with Carl Emmons, Amerikanoestudios was actualized, a holistic academy dedicated to the recovery of local indigenous wisdom, values, ecology and principles of regenerative living.

Ron develops curriculum in living classrooms and fosters local and international partnerships to support methodologies of cultural and ecological recovery. He is currently the Director of Operations at Originateve and Distance learning Coordinator for Amerikanoestudios.

More at ronaldoverde.com


Fluent: English

Working Proficient: Spanish

Low- Intermediate: Swedish

Pursuing: Saami, Arabic, Korean, French, Mandarin, Nahuatl, Bribri, Ute, Sanskrit, Greek,


Paul Stoutenburgh

Certified Mentor Since 2013

Paul has been passionately directing environmental films and promotional videos for non-profits since 2009. He graduated from SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry with a B.S. degree in Conservation Biology and a concentration in Environmental Film. Paul has an intense spiritual connection to tropical rainforests; during his time at Amerikanoestudios he planned his latest documentary about rainforest conservation, Preserving Paradise.

Follow Paul at:

Earth Soul Productions


Fluent: English

Pursuing: Spanish


Stinky, Sir Stinks Alot

Certified Mentor Since 2011

Stinky came to the Studio from U.S. Ex-pat James La Pointe of Florida. James returned to the States in 2012 and entrusted Amerikanoestudios to foster Stinky who has since been drafted and served in a local paramilitary unit as security. He has since been approved leave though from time to time he is called on for secret ops. He has had a few run-ins with ticks, a poisonous toad and many motorcycles. He is much loved within the Amerikano community.


Fluent: English, Russian, and Spanish

James Terrell

Certified Mentor Since 2015

James Terrell is Vice President of Collaborative Growth and Co-Creator of the team emotional intelligence test TESI. He is trained in Spiral Dynamics and numerous personality and EQ assessment designs.

James is also a craftsman, carpenter, musician, storyteller, and professional speaker. He has an eye for the beautiful and an ear for those that might coax a solution to the most stubborn Riddle.

See more at:

Team Work Doesn't Have to Suck!

Collaborative Growth


Spanish, English

Pursuing: French

Mariel Yglesias

Certified Mentor Since 2014

Mariel Yglesias is a Costa Rican biologist trained in forest management science. She fell in love with holistic education when her research demonstrated a positive correlation between education and forest regeneration in rural Costa Rica. It was love at first sight looking at that Excel screen! She has worked as the coordinator of water sustainability projects in dry regions, as a researcher, as an experiential education camp leader and as a developer of strategies for land use planning, among other things.

She is passionate about reading, writing, traveling, singing, yoga, Thai massage, plants and cats! Constantly on a search to try new things and conquer new territories she came to Esparza on March of 2013 interested in a mentorship certification and has stayed in the program expanding her interests onto spiritual development, story-telling and mythology. She hopes cooking is next! At any given momento you can find her trying to hug an unsuspecting stranger.


Fluent- Spanish, English

Pursuing: French

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