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Writing Rubric for the Re-Enchantment






Writing reads like a text book- heavily redundant language, streamlined for meaning.


Writing satisfies superficial interest, avoiding redundancy but unable to explore with any depth. Idioms and expressions may exist as marketing appeal.

Writing steadily approaches the reader with unique and possibly layered perspective as well as strong language and literary technique.

Writing is consistently synergistic with layered concepts, rich language, voice and technique, often discovering multidimensional meaning and relevance


Writing that transcends the authors virtuosity and volume of knowledge to express a level of risk taking that demonstrates a profound relationship with grief and sublime roose.


Writing is mechanical and has the voice of a robot.

Voice is generic.


Voice is inviting, it develops a relationship of a friend or possibly familial. Maintains a voice of the lover. Speaks with the voice of the soul.
Does not exhibit risk taking. Exhibits novice risk taking


Exhibits fresh voice and unexpected language. Exhibits perpetual creativity and authenticity. Exhibits a relationship with cosmic elements that open gateways so that energy may play between the corporeal and divine.
Mass Audience Regional Audience Community Audience Intimate Audience Spiritual Audience
Aliterate Aliterate Literate Literate Transformational

Emotional Awareness: Indifferent


Villagers in "The Lottery"

Emotional Awareness: Cognizant


Villagers in "Under The Banyan Tree"

Emotional Awareness: Sympathetic


"Mrs Dalloway"

Emotional Awareness: Empathetic


Simpleton in Queen Bee

Celtic Goddess Branwen

Emotional Awareness


Sacrificial Exchange:

Story of the Rualdo


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