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Application for New Candidate Mentors

Below is a representation of a Native American Medicine Wheel. It is a mandala that has many and varying sacred meanings. By utilizing the structure of the Medicine Wheel to categorize four possible directions new candidates for the Certified Mentor Program we are not claiming the Medicine Wheel as a specific tradition that we have a cultural right to use. Rather, we are attempting to honor the immense wisdom and depth that these cultures fed through a cyclical traverse of ritual and understanding and an awareness that the landscape, blood, intellect and spiritual guidance cyclically at work in this structure is also pulsing through the veins and packaged into the bones of anyone fed from this locale. The roots of Originateve are as as varied as many crossroad towns. Denver was founded on the confluence of the Cherry Creek and South Platte Rivers, a site of winter grounds and trade camp for the Ute, Arapahoe, Cheyenne and associated tribes on the great short-grass, high-plains prairie. Those that contribute to the Colorado hub of Originateve, eat of the land that was tended by these peoples for hundreds and thousands of years. Understanding the traditions borne of the land that one eats from provides a deeper and more relevant connection to place which we hope will speak though our intention here and now.  We cannot undo the destruction of the past but we can plant new seeds that remember and feed something beyond our generational and dimensional limits. 


To access our introductory questionnaire, click on the direction of the Wheel that closest corresponds to your current station.



For candidates that have navigated multiple ports through the sea of raising a family. Child dependents are post high school and a different adventure calls.



For candidates that have engaged into an enduring commitment with a partner(s) and have mutual dependents as a result of their pledge to one another.

Yellow Imix Questions Red Imix Questions Black Imix Questions


For candidates that are beyond a year independent from their first nest but have not handfasted with a partner.



For candidates that have pledged their person to a relationship of mutual responsibility to another but do not yet have dependents in addition to their other half.




Folklore, Literacy & Critical Development

Holistic Reading Stages

Creative Writing Rubric for the Re-Enchantment

Regenerative Ecology


Regenerative Culture

Permaculture and Biodymnamics seen through the lens of the community.

Cyclical Learning

AE Learning Cycle

Spiritual Intelligence


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