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Study Abroad


Study Abroad Program: Shishi China

Undergraduate University Program

Originateve University has teamed up with Master Tree Kindergarten in Shishi, China to offer a unique internship in holistic education and regenerative practice. Interested candidates will experience a full hands-on practice-meets-theory immersion into the lively world of early childhood education in China’s very first Originateve Certified Wood School.

The program requires a minimum commitment of 6 months.
Candidates pursuing a BA in HEARP may choose to extend their engagement of the study abroad.

Compensation Package (Yes, these costs for your study are covered):
In exchange for the gift you will undoubtedly be to the community and children of MTK, a compensation package has been arranged to cover most (if not all) of your needs during your time in the program.

Roundtrip Flight stipend: $500
Room and Board:  $871 (lunch and dinner M-F)
TESOL:     $235
2 rungs of the CMP:     $1200
Visa:   $967 (*China Expenses)
Insurance:     $80  
Total Package Value: $3853
Visa Processing:
You will be applying for the X2 Visa (for students). Here is a list of the basic requirements. 

  1. +18 years of age.
  2. High School diploma
  3. Scanned copy of passport (clear full page photos) 
  4. The past all Chinese visa page (clear full page photos) 
  5. The current valid Chinese visa page (clear full page photos) 
  6. Overseas home address and phone number (provided by MTK)
  7. Marital status 
  8. The visa application city (Which Chinese embassy will process your visa)
  9. Mailing address, post code, contact name and contact phone number 
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