Ecological Educator Peter Kindfield

“Schools should be more like playing in a forest than working in a factory” This is a rich conversation with seasoned Ecological Educator Peter Kindfield. Peter reveals his insights on moving from an “All Children Left Behind” system to educational environments that mutually “leak value” between the participants. Highlights include: Home School Learning Communities Synthesis … Read more

Calendars and Learning Cycles

The Role of time in the Learning Process In this episode we digest some of the nuances and challenges of working with calendars and revisit the origins of how we developed a cyclical leveling system for assessing development by connecting with the Mayan sacred calendar. Go to podcast

The 4th of July

Eating from a rich melting pot is delicious! Carl and Ron reflect on how their time abroad has changed the way they consider their relationship to country. We ask the question: How can all stories be included in coloring our mythological guidebook? Go to podcast

Early Childhood Music

Folk Music Aids in Literacy Development Music is a fundamental part of early literacy. Engaging old folk songs employs rich language and allusions that inform critical thinking and cultural development. In this episode, Pete Best-Hall joins us to discuss our journey with song and early childhood instruction.

Plant Mentors (Part II) with Rudionna Garza

In this episode we continue the conversation of plants as mentors and draw out the analogies to holistic education. Rudionna Garza joins us to share her journey and insights as a regenerative gardener and lead mentor of FLORA: the Forest Laboratory of Regenerative Arts. Go to Podscast

Regenerating the Local Butcher with Chester’s Wild Meats

Meat Processing for Hunters and Local Farmers Where do you get your wild harvest processed? In this episode we speak with Chester Emmons and Justin Howard of Chester’s Wild Meats in Kalamazoo Michigan. Chester Emmons (yes, Carl’s brother) describes his journey as an independent butcher and how he has grown a successful, community-oriented deer processing … Read more

Educating for the Soul

A review of Thomas Moore’s Essay “Educating for the Soul” from 2005 {{PD-US}} Image in the public domain by William Blake retrieved from wikimedia commons Link to Podcast: Educating for the Soul In this final episode of season 3 (Calli), we review the essay by Thomas Moore “Educating for the Soul” which appears in Holistic … Read more

So, You Want to Start a Nature School . . .

Kristina Flint of Children Of The Wild Childcare in Maine joins the podcast this week to discuss her venture into an in-home early learning business. We address challenges to launching into a solo endeavor and the people who inspire us to tale the leap. Go to podcast     

Chaos vs. Domesticity

The Magic of Coyote Energy in Learning How do we allow space for the unexpected to drive learning? How do we suppress our need for control in order to see the never-before-seen moments germinate into authentic relationships that build trust and fruits of development for all participants in the learning environment? Go to Podcast  In … Read more