Individual Certificates & Programs

A 12-month* intensive course highly customized to the candidate’s geography, culture and background. This course is designed to prepare a learner to work with Originateve Living Classrooms at any school offering holistic pedagogy or andragogy. The material covered will highlight the relevant discourse from traditional, alternative, cyclical and eclectic education models and journey through creatively contributing personal voice and reflection to a community of lifelong learners. Students will engage in practical study and student mentoring at a branch offering Originateve curriculum and will be overseen by a Certified Mentor Guide. In addition, students will access and engage in an on-line campus for theory and written assignments as well as engage with the global network of mentors and mentees continuously building a repository of data within the field of holistic education.

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Institutional Certificates & Programs

The Institutional Pathway to Holisim is a multi-year program that aids schools and community programs in a journey from conventional approaches in learning to holistic and regenerative practices that inform all aspects of an organization. The program culminates with succesions of Holistic Certifications for Schools and Programs.

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Advanced Degrees

Originateve offers a customized pathway to Bacheolor, Master, And PhD level degrees focusing on Holistic Education and Regenerative Practice through Originateve University. We work with each candidate individually to honor previous academic and practical experience to create a unique program that advances the learner’s goals in holistic and regenerative practices. Originateve University is accredited through the International Council of Holistic Education and Learning.

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