Originteve Meso-American Learning Cycle


Imix’ (ee’meesh)- waterlily, crocodile, the reptilian body of the planet earth, or world

Intelligence paradigm: Physical/ Emotional/ Intrapersonal


Exposure- Flood of Transformation- Reptilian Development

The Learner is being introduced to new ideas and skills and lifestyles. Understanding is infantile, primal and pure, practical and physical. Candidate will pass this stage when material becomes memorized viscerally. Interaction moves from Observer to Participatory awareness. Learner succeeds the level when substantial action toward stewardship is witnessed. This is a time of novelty. Mentors must nurture the Learners energy, creativity, and aspect of security as to balance protective/defensive and dominating natures. Stewardship is largely ushered by the Mentors. Challenge Learners to grow out of immature or unhealthy prejudice and attitudes that are fostered from feelings and fears of rejection.

Ik’ (eek’)- wind, breath, life force, violence

Intelligence paradigm: Physical/ Cognitive/ Spiritual


Reflection- Importance of Mindfulness- Intuition & Emotional Growth- Spiritual Development, Serendipity

The concepts in Ik’ will seek to prompt the Learner to consider themselves in whatever sophistication is appropriate, and what the boundaries and bounties of their subjectivity are. Self-Reflection is the gift of this stage. Learner succeeds the level when they demonstrate a substantial shift in their awareness of existentiality (awareness does not imply an actual shift yet). Learners should be pushed to be agile, clever and multifaceted. It is a stage to embrace or rekindle idealistic and romantic ideologies. Learners should be faced with overcoming fears about responsibility, obligations, commitments and decision making. Mentorship feedback is a primary need for the Learner to achieve be it encouraging abandonment for those closed off from possibilities or bringing death to the table for those convinced of their immortality.

Ak’b’al (akbal) darkness, night, early dawnNight-house’ – darkness, the underworld, realm of the nocturnal jaguar-sun. Mystery, Release Decoding- Mystic- Obscurity- Duende/Faeries of the Peripheral, Liquid

Intelligence paradigm: Physical/ Instinctual/ Intuitive Logic/ Intrapersonal


Focus attention on Dreams and moments of Intuition. This is a time to develop reliance in the non-physical realms particularly with regard to direct influence and ultimately interconnectedness of all vibration. Encourage moments of Abundance transformation praising the Learner for sharing discoveries. Nurture that which is logical, powerful, conservative, thoughtful, organized, introspective, deep, and those peaks of strength that will endure. Curriculum should work with logic and organizational skills, systems of design such as mathematics and music. Linguistics should be directed at poetics, coding, night herbs, animals, astronomy and myths with strong females. This is a time to work hard and solidify foundations. Focus on concepts that challenge ones perception and open up to dialogues. Also a good time for physical endurance activities such as yoga, corporeal labor, toil etc. Careful consideration of Learner’s sensitivity and an authentic dialogue with the Learner and/or parents in the goals and the interaction must be facilitated constantly in order to guide the learner safely through this stage.

K’an (k’an)- Net, sacrifice, ‘Maize’ – sign of the young maize lord who brings abundance, ripeness.

Intelligence paradigm: Physical/ Emotional/ Interpersonal


Support and Safety for Sacred Treasures Focus projects on the community- Presentation and service- Sacrifice of Self. Focus on instinct of the five physical senses (kinesthetic reaction). Learner will examine an intimate sense of the “I”, individual consciousness; this time is interested in leadership, performance, influence, with high standards and balance. Praise and encourage discovery and accomplishment. Network, (physical and spiritual) systems and interrelation. It is active, dynamic engagement with concepts- practical application and visceral learning rather than mental. Help with these issues comes by engaging in artistic or performance related activities and mastering the details involved with concepts in this stage. Challenge the Learner to share their gifts and time with the community and feel their individual presence realized in the sacrifice.

Chikchan (cheek’ chan)- cosmological snake, transformation- metamorphosis, cycle, regeneration, healing, shedding the hubris to become the humus of the growth of the next stages, sharpening wit, completion of things started, feeding things starved

Intelligence paradigm: Instinctual/ Cognitive/ Abstract/ Intrapersonal

Focus the idea of transitioning gears and resonance or octave to the cycle of projects- This is a time of leaving old baggage behind becoming more nimble and dexterous. The learner should be challenged to see how things work out without immediate explanation. Synchronicity replaces the dismissive coincidence. Focus on initiating ideas or creation bringing thoughts into action. Use intense energy in this stage to channel knowledge. Move strong emotions and feelings that affect others powerfully. Facilitate experiences of powerful transformations in a conscious way for the Learner. Work on self-esteem and acceptance of changes in life as part of the learning process.

Kimi (k’ee mee )- death

Intelligence Paradigms: Physical/ Cognitive/ Cosmological

Descend into the psyche, negotiation with dualities, development of eloquence, enrichment of passion, cleansing, a time for honesty. Focus on reason and mental activity. This is a time to harmonize and refine skills, philosophy and lifestyle. Pay respect to the Spirit, an opportunity to let go and remember. Work on and rise above security concerns and materialism particularly by sacrificing time, energy and creativity and to help in community matters. A time to challenge and seek faith in the universe, and evolve past victimhood. Search for meaning within life by making contributions to society. Trust in visions and begin to manifest them.

Manik’ (man eek’)- Deer, Hand, sign of the Lord of the Hunt

Intelligence Paradigms- Cognitive- Systems of Order- Cause and Effect both physical and abstract/ Interpersonal

This is a time of self-reliance, gentleness, unconditional love and kindness, grace and invitation to magic. A shift into a deeper spiritual journey as all are called from the other world. Focus on memory and transduce information to a more accessible form. Foment peaceful, generous interactions that demonstrate skills in cooperative ventures. Embrace the artistic and inspire others. Challenge nomadic, outspoken, and individualistic Learners to engage in companionship. Provoke the Learner to sweat out solutions to contradictory needs of personal freedom and relationship security and learn to become comfortable with its own individuality, no matter how strange that may be.

Lamat (la mat)- Venus, star, ripe(ness), maize seeds, ‘Rabbit’ – sign of the planet Venus, sunset. name “Ixq’anil” by Xquic Lamas/ Harvest- Theater/Performance demonstration Creation stories

Intelligence paradigms- Cognitive/ Emotive/ Abstract/ Interpersonal

Lamat is the “we”, community consciousness. Lamat in essence remembers. Look back on pinnacle moments, decisions, and pitfalls reflecting on direction and growth like the traveler’s view from a high vista, past and future are able to be seen. A strong, safe environment to amplify energy and play is necessary. Look for healthy conflict to bring about the depths of love. Address a major issue and bring it to the point of fruition. Use study to express feelings and avoid extremes and excesses. Rehearse & Recite.

Muluk (moo’ look)- jade, water, offering

Daughter of the Sun, gift to the thing that feeds you, constancy Transpiration, cycle, feminine, symbolized by jade, an aspect of the water deities, fish, Invoked by the feminine name “Ixtoj” by Xquic; Romance and Fantasy. Immaculate conception- the miracle that defies logic.

Intelligence paradigms- Cognitive/ Abstract/ Cosmological/ Interpersonal

This is a time for the Learner to saddle their creativity and ride wild. Investigate concepts of emotion, imagination and psychic abilities. Work to amplify or balance individuals with strong feelings and help them find grounding elements. Challenge those that have difficulty with self control, integrity, or personal constitution, and push them toward opportunities to take responsibility for that which they are obliged- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Highlight consistency, persistence and intellect.

Ok (oak’)- dog, Loyalty, Friendship, community protection who guides the night sun through the underworld.

Intelligence Paradigm- Cognitive/ Spiritual/ Interpersonal

Focus on involvement and strategies to support the community through exciting energies of love and the heart. The vitality of the local and family story, ecology and support and consciousness are important now. This sun refines information from spirit and formulates in a way to make accessible to others. The skills of cooperation, consistency, loyalty and assistance are to be cultivated. The relay between participant/supporter and coach/leader should be demonstrated and explored. It is a time for variety in life. Strive for emotional maturity and healing patriarchal related and authority issues. Acceptance and healing of the past allows the Learner to move toward their destiny.

Chuwen (chu’ wen)- monkey- the great craftsman, patron of arts and knowledge. Also thread.

Intelligence paradigm: Emotive / Psychic/ Interpersonal

It is about abundance be it energy, success or failure. Focus on aesthetics, art, craft, cleverness, care, a job well done that attracts and demands the attention of those who may not expect it. Attention should be given to multiple interests, coaxing curiosity and dialogue. The challenge now to stay with one thing long enough to master it. The more creative opportunities and social interaction, the better.

Eb'(eb)– rain ‘Grass’ or ‘Point’ – associated with rain and storms. Human. Cleansing, Grief, swell, release, feeding, torrents a time for conflict and rage

Intelligence Paradigm: Emotive / Psychic/ Intrapersonal

Time to synthesize the many parts into an overwhelming expression. Eb is relaxed, courteous, careful and useful. It can be also sensitive, touchy, and easily hurt. Eb is ambitious and hard-working. Eb is challenged to avoid poisoning itself by suppressing anger. Eb needs to express feelings and foster purifying and healing actions. Learner should be directed to address a passion or concern within them that if left unattended could grow callous and cancerous in later years.

B’en (ben)- green/young maize, seed, ‘Reed’ – who fosters the growth of corn, cane, and man. Pillars of light.

Intelligence Paradigms: Physical/ Cognitive/ Emotive/ Psychic/ Interpersonal

A time for initiating new ideas, endeavors and concepts. Focus on accepting wisdom expressing charisma, knowledge, accomplishments and competency. Now is a good time to choose a cause and be an activist. Learner’s rigid attitudes and opinions need to be challenged broken so that new growth can emerge from the cracks. Develop a deeper knowledge of human nature, understanding and good social skills.

Ix (ee’sh)jaguar IX – – Wizard. –

Intelligence paradigm: Emotive / Abstract/ Psychic/ Spiritual/ Cosmological

Focus on global or macro concepts and consciousness. Develop the energies of enchantment, timelessness and receptivity. Implore the secretive, sensitive and intelligent. Explore religion and spirituality and refine information from spirit, and express it in a usable form and then transmit it. Challenge the Learner to meet confrontations without aggression but manage complex and entangled human relationships. It will find solutions when it develops counseling skills and learns to release relationships that do not feed it. Help the Learner to re-evaluate relationships that are not for the highest good.

Men (men)- eagle

Intelligence paradigm: Physical/ Cognitive/ Emotive/ Psychic/ Interpersonal

Focus on expressing new knowledge. Encourage eccentricity, independence and ambition without allowing the learner to recoil into defensiveness due to fear. This is a time to embrace scientific technical and critical inclinations. Challenge Learner to accept unusual social structure and personal freedom.

Kib’ (k’eeb)- wax, Cosmic Warrior, ‘Owl/Vulture’ – death-birds of night and day, soul, insect

Intelligence Paradigm: Abstract/ Spiritual/ Cosmological/ Interpersonal

Focus on obligations of a warrior for Spirit and expression of Universal love. Senses to be developed should demonstrate seriousness, depth, wisdom, and a sense of pragmatism. Use humor to balance the weight of study and mindfulness. Challenge Learners to overcome self-consciousness and personal insecurities and make strong independent choices within other systems of power. Encourage high standards.

Kab’an (ka ban)- Earth, ‘Earthquake’ – formidable power. Also season, thought.

Intelligence Paradigm: Cognitive/ Spiritual/ Intrapersonal

A time to step aside and let the Learner to self-regulate, showing very little from the outside world. Encourage transduction of information from the cosmos into a more accessible form. Learner should be mentally active, rationalizing, clever and practical. Work with controversial themes to get at the Learners potential anchored in strong ideals and convictions. Challenge the Learner with activities that encourage flexibility and patience.

Etz’nab’ (ets’ nab)- flint, ‘Knife’ the obsidian sacrificial blade, Mirror

Intelligence Paradigm- Physical/ Cognitive/ Emotive/ Spiritual/ Cosmological.

Focus on concepts with reflective energy, endlessness and order. Distill beliefs through a variety of refractive medias. Allow the Learner to self-regulate, interjecting only minimal little help to manifest its visions. This is a time to study the practical, mechanically inclined and kinesthetic, particularly in systems. Challenge the learner’s social skills, particularly in close relationships. Require compromise and self-sacrifice, but redirect anger that may arise from compromise that is not in the Learner’s best interest; indeed this is self-interest versus self-sacrificing. It will find solutions to this paradox when it develops cooperation skills and learns to share with others in a way where everybody wins.

Kawak (k’awak)- ‘Rain’ or ‘Storm’ God– the celestial dragon serpents and the chaacs- gods of thunder and lightning.

Intelligence Paradigm- Physical/ Cognitive/ Spiritual/ Cosmological.

Focus on Interpersonal goals. A good time for Cadreship and to develop the presence, and delivery of discourse. Play and energy are to be fostered and channeled embracing the world through youthful perspective. Open the flood-gates for the multifaceted. Explore philosophy, religion, concepts for healing and purification. Challenge the Learner to become the healer and study under a master.

Ajaw (a how)- lord, ruler, sun, the radiant sun god. Also associated with the Mayan hero twins.

Intelligence Paradigm- Spiritual/ Abstract/ Emotive

Focus on enlightenment and receiving answers from the fire within understanding it as the same furnace at the center of a galaxy, or the universe. In all subjects focus on love, devotion, art, dreams, and romance. Use the socially awkward well-intentioned. Test idealistic natures and break stubborn and uncompromising behaviors and habits. Challenge the Learner to explore alternatives in how to handle disappointments due to unrealistic expectations. Lead the Learner to experience the healing that comes from learning to be a good friend and maintaining a simple lifestyle.

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