So, You Want to Start a Nature School . . .

Kristina Flint of Children Of The Wild Childcare in Maine joins the podcast this week to discuss her venture into an in-home early learning business. We address challenges to launching into a solo endeavor and the people who inspire us to tale the leap. Go to podcast     

Chaos vs. Domesticity

The Magic of Coyote Energy in Learning How do we allow space for the unexpected to drive learning? How do we suppress our need for control in order to see the never-before-seen moments germinate into authentic relationships that build trust and fruits of development for all participants in the learning environment? Go to Podcast  In … Read more

Following a Cosmic Rhythm with Special Guest Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a renowned drummer based in Denver, Colorado. In this episode Kevin walks us through his journey as a drummer over more than six decades of music evolution. Kevin grew up mingling with high profile celebrities and musicians being the son of Kenny Smith, co-founder of Taylor’s Supper Club, a popular venue on West Colfax through the 50s and 60s. He recounts the grief of losing his younger brother at an early age, his spiritual quest, and the evolution of music as a drummer having dropped out of middle school to hit the road touring.  
Check out a video of Taylor’s Supper Club:

Originateve News

Holistic Education Originateve Holistic Learning Designs is organized to develop instructors into intentional Mentors of multi-age, multi-disciplined, and poly-methodological approaches to human development. We seek to eliminate disposable mindsets and move beyond scant goals of sustainability in order to root practices of regeneration. How do we educate in a world that changes faster than any … Read more